Indigo Awakening:
A Doctor’s Memoir of Forging an Authentic Life in a Turbulent World



“Some people stand out, and standing out isn’t always the best thing. Indigo Awakening explores the concept of the indigo, people who take on the suffering of others and have a knack for wanting to help and heal. Outline the symptoms of what an indigo is, Janine Talty expresses her own experiences and hopes to inspire other indigos to do the best they can. Indigo Awakening is a fine addition to metaphysical and spirituality book collections.”

—October 2009, Midwest Book Review

“Dr. Talty shares a truly inspiring story, the honesty and truth to her experiences rings so true that the reader feels well connected her, as one is to a friend as opposed to just an acquaintance or author in general. Unique and touching, it’s a book I highly recommend!” (Excerpt. Click here for full review.)

—Lauri Coates
—April 2010,

“Indigo Awakening is the true story of one child’s journey while growing up with fantastic extraordinary abilities. Dr. Talty shares her life experiences including her evolvement as she begins to understand who she is, why she is and her true destiny. The book did not disappoint me. Once I picked it up I could not put it down. I found it to be inspiring, insightful and informative. I felt like I was watching a film or actually right there beside her every step of the way for every challenge and every triumph because I could see everything and understand it so clearly.” (Excerpt. Click here for full review.)

—Andrea Garrison
October 2009, Online with Andrea

“The most common explanation of indigo is a term used to describe currently children (and even adults) whom it is believed they possess unique, special, unusual and/or supernatural traits or abilities. Indigo Awakening is written in first person, as the reader is taken into the world of Dr. Talty to see what it is like to be a child (and later an adult) growing up with extraordinary abilities Dr Talty identifies as being indigo. For those who are interested in a good read, are believers of indigos or simply want to learn more about this extraordinary woman and her life, I highly suggest checking out this book. It is a book that will leave you not only amazed at the life of the reader but you may find yourself asking questions about indigos as well. Dr. Talty is the sort of person who feels “the only wrong question is the one not asked,” and thus lives her life. And thus I suspect is how indigo lives within her life as well.”

—Susan Pettrone
—September 2010,